March 20, 2020


“Semboku International Drone Film Festival” began in 2018. We have received over 100 entries each year in the past, including entries from Asia, the United States and Europe.

The festival, in its third edition, will take place on March 20, 2020 at the Akita Art Village Warabi Theater, Akita Prefecture, Japan. We would like to make it the Number 1 Drone Film festival in Japan. On the day of the festival, visitors can watch all nominated entries and winners will be announced. Also, we have prepared different drone related events for all visitors. Please come and join us!

Submission and Prize information

Deadline:January 19, 2020 (Japan Time)
1st round evaluation:Late January – Mid-February, 2020
2nd round evaluation:Mid-February-Beginning of March 2020
Announcement of winners:March 20, 2020
  • NATURE ( e.g., Natural scenery, Animals, Plants and etc)
  • CREATIVITY (e.g., Stories, Travel, Events and etc)
  • TOURISM PROMOTION (e.g., Travel promotion videos, Festivals and etc)
  • Grand Prize 1 winner  300,000 Japanese Yen (Cash)
  • Excellent Prize 1 winner from each category 50,000 Japanese Yen travel coupon
  • Semboku Mayor Prize※1 1winner Souvenir
  • Rookie Prize※2 1winner Souvenir
  • Hiroichi Ukegawa Prize 1winner from all nominated entries Souvenir
  • Yoichi Narita Prize 1winner from CREATIVITY category Souvenir
※1 Semboku Mayor Prize: Only entries which have included footage of Semboku City will be considered.
※2 Rookie Prize: Only entries that are taken by pilot(s) with less than 30 hours of drone operating experience will be considered.



  • Chief Judge

    Toshi Inomata
    Film Director

    Director Toshi Inomata is involved in a wide range of projects including TV spots, web-films, music videos, short films and films. In 2015, he learned how to control a drone in the United States, and pioneered shooting with a drone. In particular, the Sky Magic Project practiced Drone swarm control, he made several web-films about it.

  • Special Judge

    Hiroichi Ukegawa
    Rave Project

    CEO of Rave Project with 32 years experience in drone aerial filming . In 2016, he was featured in a documentary TV program called “The Professionals” on NHK. He is considered to be the “Busiest Drone Pilot” (More than 300 days in aerial filming and operate more than 2000 flights in a year) in Japan.

  • Special Judge

    Yoichi Narita
    CM Director

    Produced more than 600 commercials in the past. After graduated from high school in Akita, he went to Tokyo and entered Hosei University aiming to be a film director. After graduated from the University, he worked for a production company and became freelance director in 1993. Currently, he is working on producing a movie with the background story in his hometown Akita, he would like to let more people to know about Akita through film production.


  • Koji Iigura
    Akita University of Art

    After working for Microsoft Product Development Limited, etc., Professor Iigura completed a Ph.D in Information Science at the University of Shizuoka. He specializes in computer graphics and image processing, and also holds a Master of Engineering degree. After working as a lecturer and associate professor at Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, he joined the faculty of Akita University of Art as a professor in 2017.

  • Naoteru Onoda
    Semboku City
    Director-General of Regional Revitalization and Comprehensive Strategy

    Engaged in facilitation of social implementation of cutting edge technologies, including drones, autonomous vehicle, IoT and ICT, for contributing to resolve the regional issues.

  • Naoki Osumi
    Akita Broadcasting Center
    Head of Broadcasting Division

    1967  Born in Yamaguchi Japan
    1992 Kumamoto University Graduate school of science master’s course finish
    Joined NHK as a Program Directer
    2010 Senior Manager of Broadcasting Division, Takamatsu Station
    2013 Senior Producer of Home & Food Programs Division, Program Production Department
    2018 Head of Broadcasting Division, Akita Station

  • Hiroki Kishida
    Tohoku Bureau of Telecommunications
    Director of the cablecast Division

    2018 Assistant Direcor,
    Radio Monitoring Office,
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
    Assistant Direcor,
    Satellite and Regional Broadcasting Division,
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  • Tatsumi Yamakawa
    Corporation WARABIZA

    Born in Hasami Town of Nagasaki Prefecture. Joined WARABIZA in 1971 and served as the Director of National Performance Tour, Warabi Theater Management Director and Tazawako Art Village Sales Manager.   In 2016, started to serve as CEO of Warabiza (WARABIZA is place where original musical and Japanese folk art are preformed).