Organized by Semboku International Drone Film Festival Executive Committee
(Semboku City, Akita University of Art, Warabi-za Theatrical Company, Akita Drone Community, Kumagai Printing, Art System, Cable Networks Akita)

Co-organized by Tohoku Telecommunications Round-Table Conference

Supported by Akita Prefecture, Semboku City, MIC Tohoku Bureau of Telecommunications, NHK Akita Broadcasting Station, Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association in Tohoku Branch

Sponsored by Cable Networks Akita Co.Ltd.


“Semboku International Drone Film Festival” began in 2018, this year marked 6th year of the opening of the festival. We received entries not only domestically, but also from applicants around the world.

The possibilities of drone videos are infinite.
Drone films made by producer draws us into a different world.
We aim to open a meaningful festival that can connect with people around the world.


Award-winning works will be announced on Saturday, December 16!

Comment on The Festival

  • Tomoaki Taguchi
    The Executive Committee Chairman ( Mayor of Semboku city)

    “Semboku City will be a sacred place for drones.” The works, which made full use of state-of-the-art aerial photography technology and video editing, were gathered from all over the world. The level of the festival improves every year, and I look forward to another great film festival.


  • Chief Judge

    Toshi Inomata

    Directed a wide range of films, from TV commercials to TV programs, films, web movies, and music videos.
    His film “OYAKO present for the future” won the Berlin Best Documentary at the International Film Award and NHK World “Forbidden Kyoto” Life as a TAYU-DIVA Beyond Geisha won the Silver Award in the Television category at the Chicago Film Festival.
    Has directed some number of films incorporating drone footage since 2015 after studying drone filming in the U.S.


  • Koji Iigura
    Professor of Composite Art at Akita University of Art

    Engaged in computer graphics research and related software development.
    Has been a university faculty member since 2011, and has been in his current position since April 2017.
    Dr. in Informatics.
    Awards received include the Digital Entertainment Program ‘96 and the Japan Society of Remote Sensing Engineers Award (Best Paper Award).

  • Naoteru Odano
    Director, Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Senboku City

    Has been working on the implementation of near-future technologies in Senboku City, which is designated as a special zone for the demonstration of near-future technologies such as drones.
    Currently, working on tourism promotions, green tourism, and cultural asset protection administrations.

  • Hiroaki Kudo
    Director, Content Center, NHK Akita Broadcasting Station

    Started working at NHK in 1994 As a reporter, mainly covered disasters, agriculture, and administration in Tohoku, including the Great East Japan Earthquake.
    Currently, in charge of all content at NHK Akita Broadcasting Station, including news reports and programs.

  • Youji Matuda
    Director, Cable Broadcasting Division, Broadcasting Department, Tohoku Telecommunications Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

    Started working at the Tohoku Radio Control Bureau of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currently the Tohoku Bureau of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) in 1981.
    In the Tohoku and Tokai bureaus, being responsible for licensing radio stations, including those in the broadcasting field, dissemination and promotion of information and communication technology, and support for research and development in information and communication, etc.
    Has been in his current position since 2023.

  • Hiroshi Kuriki
    Writer/director, Warabi-za (Theater Company in Akita)

    Joined Warabiza in 1986.
    Worked as a member of the literary group and directed many plays after working as an actor for 8 years.
    In 2014, he directed the opening ceremony and festival for the 29th National Culture Festival Akita 2014 and received the Akita Prefecture Arts Award in the theater category.