“Semboku International Drone Film Festival” began in 2018, this year marked 5th year of the opening of the festival. We received entries not only domestically, but also from applicants around the world.

The nomination will be announced and screened. You can see the drone film from all over the world and enjoy the events we prepared.

The possibilities of drone videos are infinite.
Drone films made by producer draws us into a different world.
We aim to open a meaningful festival that can connect with people around the world.

Submission and Prize information

Application Period:by 2022/09/12
First Screening: Mid-September to late September 2022
Second Screening: Early October to mid-October 2022
Announcement・Awarding: October 30, 2022(tentative schedule)
  • NATURE ( e.g., Natural scenery, Animals, Plants and etc)
  • CREATIVITY (e.g., Stories, Travel, Events and etc)
  • TOURISM PROMOTION (e.g., Travel promotion videos, Festivals and etc)

Winner will be selected by a panel of judges. All entries will be judged on the following common criteria. Each category emphasizes on different elements and bonus points will be added if the entry meets the following bonus point criteria of each category:

Common Criteria Points
Overall Execution Overall quality of the production (Titles, footage, background music, narration and etc……) 5
Message Content Is the message clear and understandable? 5
Originality Is the entry original and is presented in an original way? 5
Technical organization How well is the entry produced in regards to camera operation, sound quality and editing? 5
Drone operating technique How well is the drone footage produced in regards to drone operation? 5
Bonus Points Criteria
<NATURE> Choose of location, Use of footage and overall composition 5
<CREATIVITY> Producers’ idea, uniqueness and editing technique 5
<TOURISM PROMOTION> Does the entry convey inspirational thoughts that are inspiring to audiences? 5
Total Points Possible 30
  • Grand Prize, 1 winner, 300,000 Japanese Yen (Cash)
  • Excellent Prize, 1 winner from each category, 50,000 Japanese Yen (Cash)
  • Semboku Mayor Prize, 1winner from all nominated entries【Souvenir】
  • Rookie Prize※1, 1winner【Souvenir】
  • Special judges’ Prize, 1winner from all nominated entries【Souvenir】
  • Audience Prize:1 most voted winner from all dominated entries【Souvenir】
    • ※1 Rookie Prize: Only entries that are taken by pilot(s) with less than 30 hours of drone operating experience will be considered.
  1. Entries should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.
  2. No restriction on the shooting location. Films shot outside of Akita or Japan are also qualified.
  3. At least 50% must be shot by drones.
  4. Multiple entries by the same entrant are accepted.
  5. All entrants should comply with the drone safety regulations or guidelines in his/ her country during shooting and filming. Entrants that violated the safety rules will be disqualified.
  6. Entries which are shot dangerously or contain elements of discrimination will be rejected.
  7. Entries have been won any award in any contest or exhibition will not be accepted. Entrant authorize the Sponsor the right to use their entries including but not limited to the promotional and curatorial purposes without any compensation or fees forever. (Copyright of the entry/entries still belongs to the entrant). By submitting the entry, participants agree to grant Semboku International Drone Film Festival Executive committee the right to reproduce, to the extent that it does not infringe the moral rights of the author edit and display in any media at any time.
  8. This contest is open to everyone regardless of nationality.
  9. Any entry involving copyright infringement will be disqualified. The entrant must own the copyright of his/her participating entry. It is the entrants’ responsibility to secure authorization and permission from the copyright owner(s) of any copyrighted materials included within all submitted entries. Copyrighted materials examples: movies produced by a third party, TV programs/drama, music, promotion video, animation, game images, contents include company name, organization name and product name.
  10. All entrants acknowledge and guarantee that the submitted entry does not infringe on copyrights; trademarks; and the rights of privacy, publicity, or intellectual property rights of any person or entity. You must license or obtain permission from the appropriate legal rights holder for any and all trademarked and/or copyrighted materials included in your entry before submission. This includes music, stock images/footage, or any other elements that could violate an existing legal trademark or copyright. For the use of background music, please make sure it is allowed to be broadcast on different media such as Japan TV channels, YouTube platform and Yahoo! News Japan and etc……
  11. For entries which are substantially or partially copied from other production, the winner may be disqualified. Entrants agree that the Sponsor has the sole right to decide all matters and that all decisions of Sponsor are final and binding, and are not subject to challenge or appeal.
  12. Award-winning works will be used in the following purposes.
    • (1)Copied and shown during screenings for promotion presentations.
    • (2)Shown on any promotional materials including paper materials, TV commercials, pamphlet and all kinds of online media such as homepages, Facebook, YouTube and etc…..
    • (3)Copied by the organizer for recording purposes. Award-winning works will be shown on homepages forever. The organizer has the right to amend, edit, copy and/or translate in any ways for promotional purposes.
  13. The Sponsor will not be held responsible for any damage, delayed entries or any lost related to the application of this film festival.
  14. After the award announcement, aside from the purposes of recording or promotion, other usages of the award-winning works such as publication, video conversion, broadcasting, online streaming (YouTube or Yahoo!News), domestic or international distribution regardless of whether or not compensation is received, details will be discussed separately between the Sponsor and the entrant.
  15. Cable Networks Akita Co., Ltd has the right to distribute all nominated entries and award-winning works. (Only applicable to entrants who have agreed for distribution)
  16. All entries cannot be returned once they are submitted.
  17. Results will not be disclosed over the phone or through emails.

Please submit the online entry form within the application period.


Upload your entry to YouTube or any other online video platforms, set it as a SECURE video with a PASSWORD, then copy the URL address to your entry form.


For any enquiries, please email: drone-fes@cna-catv.co.jp

These rules and guidelines have been translated into English. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail.